Dara Solliday
Sewn Landscape 9Sewn Landscape 3Regraded Grid Q-YRegraded Grid A-PView From Jane Richlovsky and Drake Deknatel's Studio IView From Jane Richlovsky and Drake Deknatel's Studio IIRegrade 15Regrade 16Regrade 13Regrade 14Regrade 11Regrade 8Regrade 10Regrade 9Regrade 12Regrade 4Regrade 2Regrade 3Weight, Water I-IVRegrade RedUntitledDrafting BridgesNo Return AddressThe Home You Take AwaySewn Landscape 1Untitled Pacific IWeight, Water IXDraft Series IIIDraft Series ICartographiesFluentFluent611 Watson Avenue512 Ramsey Ave I512 Ramsey Avenue IIAirmail IAirmail IVAirmail IIIStorm IIStorm ISettlementAstoria ConstructAerialCorrespondence IIMidcity IIMidcity IIIFlathead Valley IFlathead Valley IISouth
Using encaustic paint as a vehicle for mixed media, my work combines architectural images of land pattern, structure, and urban development into multi-layered views of home and landscape.

In the process, I reconstruct historic images of land projects in graphite drawing and encaustic mixed media; incorporating 19th century newspapers, 20th century text, and schematic visuals. The resulting surfaces are heavily worked, implying their own synchronous history as a construction site.

-Dara Solliday